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  • Can Hope be lost?

    What do you do when all hope seems lost? Can Hope be lost? Have you ever been in a situation where it’s like “Guy, I am out of this. I can’t move further”? What causes you to lose sight of hope? The funny fact here is this – Hope can be out of sight!. Yes, […]


  • Help!! all I see are my weakness.

    What are weaknesses? Weakness is a state or a condition of being feeble. Character flaws or talents that are regarded unfavorable or underdeveloped are referred to as weaknesses. What do you do when all you see are your flaws, shortcomings, weaknesses? 🤔😔 What do you do when you don’t feel good enough? 😔 With that […]


  • I RECALL!!

    I recall-Days in distant past,When I wished to grow up so fast.Without an idea of what adulthood entails.Just wanted to get out of the ‘shackles’ of ‘parental issues’ as I called it. I recall-Countless races to school.Ensuring to get there early because it depicts you are cool.Very absurd!I get to school and try to pay […]


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