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Reading, is an interactive process between the reader and the text, in which a leader uses his/her knowledge to build, to create and to construct meaning..
To read effectively and efficiently, some steps are required so as to aid maximum result.

1) We must have a positive mind towards whatever we might want to read.
Sometimes, our negative mind stops our efficient and effective reading. Some of us, have this attitude of “i hate this subject so i will just read for reading sake” or “i can never pass this subject because i don’t like it”. We must begin to develop a positive mind towards reading so as to get an expected result after we have read. Having a positive mind, makes reading easy as we tend to study with great joy and conviction.

2) Before you start reading, ask yourself some particular questions.
Questions that include:
i) What do i know already…………………………………..?
ii)What more do i want to know…………?
iii) I wonder if……………………

These wonderful questions, will actually give you an edge on what to study and what you really want to learn from the book(s) you are reading. This means that you are not reading without an objective. You are actually reading to get something meaningful from the book.

3) During reading, take small pauses and ask yourself some questions.
When reading, you need to take intermittent pauses to see if what you are reading is really sticking….. You ask yourself these questions during the pause:
i) Is what i am reading making sense?
ii) what does the writer say about this…?
iii) what more do i need to know about this…?

You know, asking yourself these questions, will enable you to figure out what you have learnt and what is left to be learnt. You are also constantly evaluating what is being said as well as the meaning behind it. It will also enable you to always look forward to get the meaning of what you have not understood. It will also help you to remember what you have read.

4) During reading- VISUALIZE…………………………
Visualizing, is like picturing what is being taught or whatever you have learnt.
It involves creating a mental image of a system or a working process. It helps not only to remember but also to figure out how it looks when it is functioning.

5) During reading_ MAKE CONNECTIONS………..
The important part of learning something new, is connecting it to something/what you already know or understand. When you make connections, it helps you to gain more, wider or broader knowledge of what you already know.

6) Take good notes while reading………
The best way(s) to take note while reading, is/are:
i) look for the main point and focus on them.
ii) use light grammars that you understand.
iii) make the note as brief as possible.
iv) use simple headings and sub-headings to organize you note.
v) constantly review and add more important points while reading.

7) After reading- FIND THE MAIN IDEAS…….
Ask yourself the following questions after following the first six points:
— What was the main message of the book?
—What could be the biases of the book?
— What did this book or textbook leave out?
The last question, will give you the opportunity to make research and look out for another book to continue your learning, make connections and learn effectively and efficiently.

I sincerely hope this helped someone… for questions, kindly subscribe. Thanks


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