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5 Items Every Blogger Should Have In Their Photography Kit

When it comes to blogging, it’s very fun and exciting especially if it is your passion…. You have got to read this😇😇

New Lune

Your blog photography is a very important element of your branding that’s the reason why you should pay more attention to the pictures you use on your blog. Not everyone is in a position to take pictures depending on their situation, some might not have the budget to buy a camera whilst others might not have the time to take any pictures.

In my case, since nobody knew I had a blog – it was definitely not easy to take any pictures. Whether it was a flatlay or an outdoor picture, I had to take the shot quickly within a couple of seconds. I’m pretty sure those who take their own blog pictures know how hard it must have been.

If you are in a similar position, free stock photography is your best friend! Personally, I do a mixture of my own pictures & stock images and it saves…

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