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How do i love my neighbor?

Why should i love my neighbor?

How often should i love them? even if they don’t reciprocate.?

Read through even as i answer these questions..

Loving your neighbors means loving those you are in community with and those you aren’t. Those who live in your neighborhood and those who don’t. Those who work with you, go to school with you. Those you are just maybe meeting for the first time. Loving thy neighbor does not stop with those right around your residence, no, it’s more than just those around your residence.

And note, it’s very impossible to truly love God and not love your neighbor, i mean, it is like telling me you can breath in but not breath out. Now loving your neighbor is the very important commandment given to all of us. Take  a look at Gal. 5:14

Loving your neighbor is apparently fulfilling all the law given to Moses which constitute: “thou shall not commit murder, thou shall not covet, thou shall not commit adultery” and so on.. because you can’t tell me you love someone and there is jealousy growing in the garden of your heart against that person, or you see someone falling and you are happy because you feel you are better than the person, i’m sorry is you name. There is one thing you should note: GOD himself is Love demonstrated through Christ, meaning the master-mind of Love is CHRIST and you should learn love through HIM, but don’t forget you cannot give what you don’t have; you need to have GOD(love) before you can actually love. God’s love to humanity has always being there but it was made manifest after HE gave HIS only begotten son, that is to tell us that true love is sacrificial. Imagine a friend very hungry and he/she comes to meet you to ask for what to eat and you are praying for the person even when you have more than enough, my dear that ain’t love; there is always a giving in love, it may not necessarily be material things, it can be your time, your energy, your prayers, your advice, your listening ears, but trust me there is always a giving.

There is something very funny about humans we love to be treated good and nice but we barely reciprocate the same thing. Now the scripture says “love your neighbor as yourself” not less than yourself or more than yourself. Most of us are now fulfilling the opposite of what our manual(the bible) told us, we rather love our neighbors lesser than ourselves instead of loving them just as ourselves. You don’t like people treating you like garbage;don’t treat others like garbage, you want people to listen to you when you speak;listen to others while they speak, you want people to help you when you have a need;help others when they have a need, you don’t want people to call you bad names;don’t name others badly. This life we live in will be so much better if many can just go down and obey this simple command. It is very bad and disheartening because most people fall sick because they are thinking and if you ask them what they are thinking of, it’s to surpass somebody, why, like just why?? Can’t you just be happy for the person and your will come.. Some people even go to the extent of blackmailing their neighbors, just sit back and ask yourself “if it were me, will i be happy?” LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR JUST AS YOURSELF. Trust me, it can be difficult most times to love someone, but that is why we have the HOLY SPIRIT to teach us how to love, don’t you think it was difficult for God to give the only son HE had for me and you, it was difficult but HE knew it’s for our good/benefit and HE gave. Let’s try to learn from Jesus, Matthew 11:29 “Take my yoke upon you and LEARN of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls” Most of us have neglected the learning part.

“How often should i love a person who isn’t even appreciating me for the love i show?” My dear, the answer is ALWAYS even till the END. Someday, the person will realize it maybe when you are gone. You maybe gone but your act of kindness and love towards that person or towards those people will forever remain. We should gather up treasures here on earth, our treasure should be focused at eternity because you will still leave one day, why not sow the seed of love now and reap the fruit of eternity…. The devil will give you a million reasons why you shouldn’t love, but the devil, the bible says is the father of all liars.   You might say “but i’m not used to loving people”, yes, but you can start today practice makes perfect. Or you might say “I haven’t experienced love before, nobody has shown me what love is” Jesus Christ has shown you by dying for you and many more, learn from HIM. “How do i even learn from CHRIST?” by being an addict lover/reader of the word of God(the Bible).

Someone might say “so, i will love only my friends and those close to me” no, love everybody including your enemies. Yes, including your enemies, the bible says in Romans 12:20 ” if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; in doing this, you will heap coals of fire on his head” Love prevails not evil!!!! Please let that grudge you have been keeping go today!!


Loving thy neighbor does not stop with those right around your residence. Your neighbor is everyone, including the least of these.

“And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth when you did it to one of the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me.” – Matthew 25:40

Go on, spread some love. Stay blessed !!


14 responses to “LOVING MY NEIGHBOR”

  1. Thank you for this. God bless you.❤❤

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    1. Amen mama😇🙏


  2. This is really great🙌🏼

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  3. Adeagbo Jadesola Avatar
    Adeagbo Jadesola

    This is great. More grace Ma!

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    1. Thanks mama😊😊🥰


  4. Emmanuel Togbonro Avatar
    Emmanuel Togbonro

    Awesome ….. thanks.

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    1. Thank you sir🙏💝


  5. Abolarin Dominion Avatar
    Abolarin Dominion

    Hmmmm…… Welldone mama 😘😘

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    1. Thanks dearie🥰


  6. Thanks dear

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    1. Thank u ma🥰🥰


  7. Great ma
    More grace❤

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    1. Thank you ma


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