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  1. Its very important to note that God is concerned about your process than the result.. and also to know that SPIRITUAL maturity is attainable. 2 Peter 3:18
Some of us feel spiritual maturity is for a certain amount of specified people, but no, it isn’t; you can attain it. The lovely thing about spiritual maturity is that it doesn’t answer to age or how many years you have been in a church or your background. It only answers to YOU… and if you are ready to fight for it. Growth is a process and be ready to accept the process, the pruning and all it comes with but NEVER give up in the process. Its just like a mother who just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and she starts nurturing the baby there is always this anxiety to see the baby walk, talk or start bringing out teeth, though the anxiety is there, she still has to endure the process of nurturing the baby, feeding the baby with all necessary food for proper growth, giving the child enough milk to form the teeth and bones and we will see that at due time, the baby will start forming into a child and then from a child to an adult. It’s the same with our spiritual growth; you don’t expect to give your life to Christ today and the next minute, you feel you can call fire down, my dear, it doesn’t work that way. There is a nurturing you can’t escape, there is a spiritual milk you have to take to form your bones and teeth, if not you may start but fall because there isn’t enough stamina to keep you going during the storms of life.


There are three(3) stages of spiritual growth, they are:
  1. The BABY stage
  2. The CHILD stage
  3. The ADULT stage
-> The BABY stage (1COR. 3:-2)    Characteristics of a baby:
  1. They blab: They always don’t know what to say, they are blabbers. They strive to talk but always don’t have what to say
  2. They are meek: this characteristic has to go on even down to the matured Christian(Matthew 11:329)
  3. They don’t have burdens: They is nothing driving them to pray or interceed, all they know is themselves. They lack burdens. When on lack burden its difficult to work in the agenda of God.
  4. They barely have understanding of the times and seasons of heaven
  5. They have shallow understanding of the word
-> The CHILD stage (1COR. 14:20) Characteristics of a Child;
  1. They are talkative: They always want to talk to make men know that they are learning something or that they have gotten something new. They always want to make their various encounters known.
  2. They always yearn for learning(hunger): They is this drive in children to know something, they always want to know, so therefore they ask questions and feed themselves with different things(books, messages etc.)
  3. They have burdens but don’t attend to them
  4. They are hearers but barely doers
  1. They also have shallow understanding of the word
  2. They are too emotional
  3. They are easily swayed by doctrines
-> The ADULT stage (Heb. 6:1) Characteristics of a mature Christian;
  1. They are silent speakers: Hmm, funny right, yes they are. Silence itself is a voice. They is what is called “The voice of Silence”. They don’t talk every-time.
  2. They have deep understanding of the word
  3. They are always tuned to the frequency of Heaven, they understand the times and seasons of heaven
  4. They are passionate about God and the Kingdom
  5. They are doers of the word
  6. They are carriers of Burden(right burden- Burden of the Father)
  7. They have hunger but filter whatever enters their spirit, they don’t allow just anything.
  8. They attend to their burdens
  9. Wherever they find themselves or whatever they find themselves doing, its always for an aim which is to reconcile men to Christ.
  10. They are meek and Humble
  11. They are barely swayed by doctrines
These are few of the Characteristics of each stage of the spiritual growth. But guess what, if you are in any stage, it’s fine, there is always room for growth. Don’t be deceived if you find yourself at the adult stage, you may fall if you let your guard down. MYTH: Once saved is forever saved TRUTH: You can fall off grace if you let your guard down The bible says “Be sober, be vigilant for your enemy; the devil goes around like a prowling lion seeking whom to devour”. There is a school of the spirit, don’t miss a class if not, you will have to start from the beginning, its just like a baby trying to walk, the baby has to fall a lot of times before gaining stability to walk very well. There are some times where you will fall but never remain in your fallen state, always rise. The bible speaking in Micah 7:8 “ Rejoice not against me, O my enemy; when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.” A person can be speaking in tongues but still a spiritual babe. A person can be on fire in spiritual gatherings but still a spiritual babe. A person can cry when watching the crucifixion film but still a spiritual babe. Funny enough, a person can prophesy but still a spiritual babe. So you see, it’s not in all of this but actually in your daily life and understanding the mind of God at every passing season and many others. For instance only a few know that a massive revival is hitting the earth soon, why? Because their spirit is not yet tuned to the frequency of heaven. A spiritually sound man isn’t known in heaven by the amount of cars of houses or good deeds he has done, no, but by how well he has attended to the burdens laid on his heart. Its okay to do good things but why are you doing them? To make a name or to make God known? NB: Even as a matured person in Christ, You still need to be meek and have hunger daily. Growth is a process, embrace it but never remain there, there is room to move forward and do great things for God. God bless us…..

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  1. This is amazing. It really opened my eyes

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    1. THAnks so much ❤️


  2. Wow I was really blessed by this

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    1. Thanks sir… thank God You we’re blessed😊❤️


  3. Ajibola Grace Tobi Avatar
    Ajibola Grace Tobi

    Wao 😮
    It indeed makes me realize my status in the spirit

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    1. That’s awesome Grace😊😊🙏


  4. I must

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  5. I must confess, I was truly blessed, was enthused, as simple as it is, it’s the actual truth and actually a guide to check ones spiritual growth. Well done debbie and more unction to continue to bless lives as you’ve started.

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    1. Amen and amen sir Sammy
      Thank God it was helpful😊🙏❤️


  6. Hmmm.. Spiritual growth.. God bless u sis

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    1. Amen and u too dear❤️


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