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How can a man choose to send HIS only begotten son to die,

Die for those who still killed HIM,

Die for those who spat on HIM,

Die for those who ridiculed HIM,

Die for those who put HIM to an opened shame,

Die for those who doesn’t even recognize that love.


HE chose to bear the infirmity,

Going to the cross,

Bearing the sin and shame of the world on HIS shoulder,

HE despised all shame and mockery,

Our chastisement was on HIM,

HE was wounded and bruised,

Just for me and you.

A man that knew no sin,

The father turned HIS face away from HIS son for the first time,

Because HE was with sin at the cross,

HE was wounded that we could be free,

HE became poor that we might be rich,

HE bore our infirmity that we might be whole,

HE bore our shame and gave us fame,

HE took the insult and gave us result,

HE took our doubt and gave us faith,


HE died… ohhhh,

Went into hell and wrestled with the devil,

And collected the key to death and hell,

Hell no longer has authority over you,

Death no longer has authority over you,

And on the third day, HE rose again

And HE is sitting at the right hand of the father,

Making intercessions day and night for me and you.

And HE is given a name that is above every other name,

That at the name of JESUS,

Every knee must bow,

And every tongue must confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord.


That is the love of the father… HE so loved man that HE had to give HIS only son(HE would have scattered man and make another one) but there is this love that keeps drawing HIM back from destroying the man HE made..

Have you ever wondered why some people do some grievous things and it feels like God is not seeing them; HE is seeing them but LOVE……… and most times we aren’t sensitive enough to see how much HE loves us and to reciprocate same to HIM and those around us…

True Joy lies in loving the father and HIM loving you also not in how many mansions you have… “A life without Christ is full of Crisis”

Take out time, meditate on this love, tell HIM “Daddy I am sorry for taking your love for granted” and make decisions to reciprocate same to those around you..

Just know HIS love is forever….. it has no beginning and no end.. don’t keep HIM waiting


14 responses to “THE FATHER’S LOVE”

  1. Ajibola Grace Tobi Avatar
    Ajibola Grace Tobi

    Hmmmmmmn 🤔
    This is an unconditional love

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    1. Really unconditional Grace❤️❤️


    2. This is fire🔥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks patrick😊❤️


  2. This is really nice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Andrew😊❤️


  3. A love that no man can truly explain

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    1. Yes sir….😊❤️



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  5. Aweosme sis

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANKS dear😊❤️


  6. Lovely post. His love indeed has to conditions attached to it. More Grace!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks mama❤️ Amen and you too🙏😊


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