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Can Hope be lost?

What do you do when all hope seems lost?

Can Hope be lost?

Have you ever been in a situation where it’s like “Guy, I am out of this. I can’t move further”?

What causes you to lose sight of hope?

The funny fact here is this – Hope can be out of sight!. Yes, I said that.

What is the bible saying about Hope?

Precious was born into a very poor family, not that it was her choice anyway… Her dad left home when Precious was still growing up, leaving Precious in the care of her mum. Her mum would struggle night and day to make sure Precious feeds and is well.

Along the line, Mrs. Adesuyi passed away leaving 5-year-old Precious to her uncle’s care.

Precious came back from school asking “where is mum?”

Uncle Collins said, “Mum traveled, she would be back soon”.

He can’t keep it long… The truth came out and Precious was devastated. She would cry into her pillow all night and would keep to herself.

It was like her world came crumbling right before her. To her, her mum was her world and only hope. Hope shattered!

Uncle Collins picked her up and was taking care of Precious but couldn’t any longer as he had his own family to cater for. His wife became sick, and the hospital was asking for 7 million for a kidney transplant. Uncle Collins was left with no option but to sell all his properties to ‘secure’ his wife’s life.

Going to the hospital after the kidney transplant only to hear the news of his wife’s death. Precious’ hope was shattered again! 😔😢

If you were Precious, what would you have done at this point? 🤔

“God if you are still there, please I need your help”. This was Precious’ little prayer amidst all happenings. Her mum taught her about God before she passed on.

Precious was now left alone to fend for herself. She started working as a house helper. She was always being mistreated, embarrassed, sometimes charged for theft, charged for seduction, and a lot of dehumanizing torture. She was thrown out of the house.

Precious was walking down the street, thinking about her very ‘perfect’ life when she was stopped by a gang. 😢 She was raped by the 5 of them. At that point she hated God, she believed HE allowed all the misfortune to befall her 😔😔Her last hope – her virginity was shattered!

Amidst tears and sorrow Precious cried out “There is no hope for living again! I just want to go and join my mum”. It was very heartbreaking and disheartening for Precious.

If I were Precious, I would be down to earth now 😔

But guess what? 🤔 Precious found Hope again. She found a reason to live again! She found Hope itself! She found Christ! She found Psalms 27:10

Yes, hope can be out of sight…. but then Matthew 6: 19-20 has it.

Many of us have our hope rooted in our relationships.

Some of us, our family members.

Some of us, our jobs.

So what happens when where we place our hope fails?

You can have your hope restored again! If only you redirect it’s placement.

Listen to this exciting topic on HOPE LOST by Adelanwa Shallom, Paul Grace, and Blessing Praise. To listen, click on the link below:


4 responses to “Can Hope be lost?”

  1. wowwww🥺🥺🥺🥺…..

    this is amazing….thank you for opening us up to THE TRUTH

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading 🥰❤️


  2. This is amazing God bless you


    1. amen and amen.. thank you so much


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